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A) Ultimate Florist Collection!


All The branches we carry plus Equisetum and Salal 12 to 18 inches in length with assorted leaf sizes. In this case you will receive

10 stems of each branch,

50 stems of Salal,

50 Stems of Deer Fern,

50 Stems of Sword Fern,

100 stems of Equiseutm. This is our own special branch assortment. In this assortment are 10 Alder Stems, 10 Deciduous Huckleberry Stems, 10 Green Vine Maple Stems, Red Vine Maple stems , Scotch Broom stems and 10 Redbud Huckleberry stems. This is an excellent way to get to know our branches. This keeps well if you keep cool, cut stem tips & put in a bucket of water.
Moss's Unlimited