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Driftwood 5 In. & Under 50 pieces

545-SMALLER PIECES OF DRIFTWOOD 5 In. & Under: Artistically hand-selected pieces of smaller driftwood in this case. 50 pieces/ 5 in & under. Ann Spencer, Clay Flower Lady uses these tiny pieces of driftwood for her arrangements as seen in these idea pictures. Ideas of how to use the driftwood in your crafts. Glue pretty rocks to your driftwood and create a beautiful necklace holder. Or screw 2 or 3 pieces of driftwood together and then glue tiny ocean creatures to your driftwood and create an ocean wildlife screen. "You guys sell the best driftwood, I get so excited to do my projects!" Kelly Doyle May 11, 2017, Kelly Doyle did a beautiful sculpture of a large fish! (This item requires additional shipping of $15 for the first item, and $3 for each additional item + regular shipping costs.)
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