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Pacific Coast Driftwood Approximately 20 Pieces

520-PACIFIC COAST DRIFTWOOD: 20 pieces of Pacific Coast Driftwood is artistically hand selected for our florist. In this case, you will receive an attractive assortment of shapes and sizes. Our Driftwood has many distinctive features which make it fun and easy to create beautiful arrangements. The size of the driftwood can range up to 20 inches in length and can be used in almost all floral arrangements. Box size 24x12x8. Ann Spencer, Clay Flower Lady Does a beautiful job making flowers and mushrooms out of Clay in these driftwood arrangements as seen in these idea pictures. And Charles Schurman "Loved the driftwood! some really great pieces for my vivariums! "website as seen in the picture idea of a beautiful vivarium with driftwood. Glue pretty rocks to your driftwood and create a beautiful necklace holder. Or screw 2 or 3 pieces of driftwood together and then glue tiny ocean creatures to your driftwood and create an ocean wildlife screen.
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