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G) Small Fresh Feather Moss, Fern Moss Case

220-SM FRESH FEATHER MOSS: Feather moss has the unique characteristic of what looks like green feathers. These can range form small 1-inch feathers to jumbo 3-inch goose feathers. This moss ranges in color from a light spring-green to a lush olive green. Feather moss is by far the most unique of any of our moss. Fresh Feather Moss comes in sheets that range from 6 in. to 3 feet wide. This is untreated all natural moss, shipped directly to the customer. Has a shelf life of 2 to 3 weeks if kept refrigerated. Box size 24x12x4. Average 10 square feet of moss.

If you are planning on planting the moss here is an Idea by Sheila Brenner Her comment on the moss for her Atrium

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know the moss is thriving and still looks fantastic - this is a great idea for anyone who still has an indoor atrium in their home. I've attached a pic. the moss may not make through a hot, dry summer, but it is protected in the atrium where it does stay moist and in pretty much constant shade."
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