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Phonics, Sounds of the Alphabet eBook

280 page PDF Ebook along with small tiny cards with letters for spelling and coloring worksheets. Once you order the ebook, you will see a link at the end of your checkout to download a zip file. Make sure you save it to your computer, phone or tablet. Teach Your Child to Read the Fun and Exciting Way. Teach your child to read and spell step by step. Phonics with pictures that capture your child's attention and is memorable so that they can learn how to read and spell faster and easier. Start teaching them as young as 8 months old. See how easy it is to teach your toddler or child to read and spell at an early age. Your children will love this book and love to learn all the unique and wonderful sounds in the English language because with each sound is a picture showing the sound in an exciting way. Is it possible to teach a 1 to 3-year-old to sound out words, read and spell? Absolutely! I would have never believed it myself until I watched my own children start reading at 1 and 2 years old. Most teaching textbooks that help your children to read, although very well written, a young child would more than likely never pick up and look at on their own. There is nothing fun about them. They look boring to both parents and children. So, we wanted to make a book that was actually fun to read and interesting enough for a young child to pick up on their own and have their parents or teachers help them to learn how to sound out words, read, and spell. For ages 8 months old to 8 years old. (Free Shipping for this Item)

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