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Sounds of the Alphabet flash cards

Description A child cannot read the word CAT unless they know the sounds of the alphabet.

Before a child can learn to read, it is essential for a child to learn the SOUNDS of the letters even more than the names of the letters because a toddler cannot learn to read the word “cat” if she only knows the names of the letters and not the sounds of the letters.

Once you order the flashcards you will see a link at the end of your checkout to download a zip file. You will receive not only the flashcards but coloring worksheets and small letters for use in spelling out words. Make sure you save it to your computer, phone or tablet. WHAT YOU WILL GET IN THE DOWNLOAD:

1) 87 Alphabet Cards. You will get high-quality pdf FILES with all the sounds of the alphabet along with the two-letter alphabet blends, consonate digraphs, and vowel diphthongs. You will receive an email with a link for download since it is a large file.
Instructions for Reading Each Letter

Lesson 1 vowel page
Lesson 2 Letter A
Lesson 3 Letter B
Lesson 4 Letter C
Lesson 5 Letter D
Lesson 6 Letter E
Lesson 7 Letter F
Lesson 8 Letter G
Lesson 9 Letter H
Lesson 10 Letter I
Lesson 11 Letter J
Lesson 12 Letter K
Lesson 13 Letter L
Lesson 14 Letter M
Lesson 15 Letter N
Lesson 16 Letter O
Lesson 17 Letter P
Lesson 18 Letter Q
Lesson 19 Letter R
Lesson 20 Letter S
Lesson 21 Letter T
Lesson 22 Letter U
Lesson 23 Letter V
Lesson 24 Letter W
Lesson 25 Letter X
Lesson 26 Letter Y
Lesson 27 Letter Z
Lesson 33 ch
Lesson 34 kn
Lesson 35 ph
Lesson 36 sh
Lesson 37 th
Lesson 38 a-e
Lesson 39 ai
Lesson 40 ay
Lesson 41 eigh
Lesson 42 ey
Lesson 43 ar
Lesson 44 ee
Lesson 45 ea
Lesson 46 e
Lesson 47 ie
Lesson 48 e-e
Lesson 49 y
Lesson 50 I
Lesson 51 ie
Lesson 52 i-e
Lesson 53 igh
Lesson 54 oi
Lesson 55 oy
Lesson 56 ou
Lesson 57 ow
Lesson 58 o
Lesson 59 oa
Lesson 60 o-e
Lesson 61 ow
Lesson 62 oo
Lesson 63 ou
Lesson 64 or
Lesson 65 ew eu
Lesson 66 o oo
Lesson 67 ue
Lesson 68 u-e
Lesson 69 ui
Lesson 70 aw
Lesson 71 au
Lesson 72 ough
Lesson 73 a
Lesson 74 er
Lesson 75 ir
Lesson 76 or
Lesson 77 ur
Lesson 78 ear
Lesson 79 all
Lesson 80 ing
Lesson 81 ang
Lesson 82 ung
Lesson 83 ong
Lesson 84 ank
Lesson 85 ink
Lesson 86 onk
Lesson 87 unk
Lesson 88 mb
Lesson 89 bossy e words
Lesson 90 bossy e words
Lesson 91 L Family Blends
Lesson 92 R Family Blends
Lesson 93 W Family Blends. FINAL PRINT SIZE = 8.5 x 11 Each large flash card when cut is 4 3/4 in. by 3 3/4 in. 87 Alphabet Cards. Cut along lines. Download includes a zip file with four cards per page (one page with two)
2) and the other will be small flash cards that can be used for spelling out words, letting them experience firsthand how letters work after they have learned all the sounds of the alphabet. Each small flash card used for spelling out words is 2 1/2 in. by 2 in. We put some extra letters that are the most used in the empty boxes for your convenience if you so choose to use them.

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