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Privacy Notice

Moss's Unlimited, recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by users of our web site we want to reassure users of the Site that we will not sell, share, or rent user information to anyone. For questions about this privacy statement and the practices of this site, contact us at Moss's Unlimited Tel. 360-327-3722


In buisness since 1996..
Moss's Unlimited.
Troy & Renee Hibshman.
P.O. Box 2681.
Forks, WA. 98331.
1800-755-2981 or 360-327-3722.

We first wish to thank you for your visit and we hope to share with you some of our unique and quite beautiful products of the Pacific Northwest. We receive over 150 inches of rainfall per year so this means beauty on a large scale. We feature everything from assorted mosses, to lichens, assorted fresh foliage, tree conks, and even products from the Pacific Ocean.

First let me explain a little about our products. Moss and our other fresh foliages if harvested correctly will continue to grow for all to benefit from. We use only professionals to gather our products with as little impact to the forest as possible. This ensures further growth for years to come. Because we enjoy the beauty of these products so much our goal is to share them with you just as we see them. This means that no fresh product is gathered before your order is placed. When you place your order we go to work for you so please allow us adequate time to fulfill it. Also all of our products are shipped untreated, totally natural that way you get to see them as we come to see them. Because all of our products are grown in the forest we cannot guarantee that they won't contain some, differences. But you will soon come to notice that this only means that each season and each product have its own special appeal..

So once again welcome to Moss's Unlimited bringing a small piece of paradise to you.
Moss's Unlimited