Deer & Sword Fern, Equisetum, and Salal 400 Stems

100 Stems Sword Fern,
100 Stems Deer Fern
100 Stems Salal tips,
& 100 Stems Equisetum.

EQUISETUM is NOT FOR GROWING ONLY FOR DECORATIVE USE a unique sturdy plant that can be used in a variety of floral arrangements. Its color is green with a long straw like shape. It stands approximately 30 to 36 inches tall, and can be used to decorate the outside of a flower pot, or cut to resemble many shapes. Equisetum looks similar to bamboo but easier to cut, and sometimes it is called snake grass.

SWORD FERN is the larger of our two ferns and is up to 24 inches long. Its width is 3 to 5 inches. This is dark green in color and gives a beautiful jungle look to fresh floral arrangements.

DEER FERN is a smaller type of fern. Its length ranges up to 14 inches tall, and is 1 to 3 inches wide. This cute little ferns color is dark green.

SALAL TIPS are approximately 12 to 18 inches tall with round dark-green leaves. Small leafed Salal is shipped fresh and is picked daily to provide the freshest Salal. Stems vary from red to green in color. Salal is very hardy and excellent in fresh floral arrangements, and they can be dried for later use. All of these fresh Greens keep well if you keep them cool, cut stem tips & put in a bucket of water.
Moss's Unlimited